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Monday, November 22, 2010

25 Worst of Everything Photos

Just wanted to share this hilarious list I saw while thinking about something new to blog. :))

1. Worst sweater

2. Worst portrait

3. Worst teacher

4. Worst rock band fan

5. Worst smile

6. Worst place to sleep

7. Worst wedding photo

8. Worst party animals

9. Worst wedding photo

10. Worst approach

11. Worst place to work

12. Worst hotel view

13. Worst ad

14. Worst family photo

15. Worst captcha

16. Worst exam

17. Worst vacation photo

18. Worst pop concert

19. Worst hospital food

20. Worst santa claus

21. Worst place to sleep

22. Worst job

23. Worst birthday party

24. Worst tattoo

25. Worst dress costume

Credits to lazypalace.com

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