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Monday, November 22, 2010

Co-creating Ideas

Last week my friends and I attended the 1st PANAF IMC Youth Congress at The Bayanihan Center inside the Unilab Compound.  Today, while surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon some interesting concept ideas and remembered one of the topics presented by one of the speakers during the event --  co-creating.

Co-creating, according to Mr. Gino Borromeo of McCann Worldgroup Philippines, is creating together, a process of collaboration between producers and users. Its goal is to create added value and is mutually beneficial to the brand and to the consumers. It shows customers that a brand values them and it gives brands access to fresh new ideas.

Check out these cool ideas I've gathered on co-creating. Who knows, these might actually be in the market in a few years time.


This futuristic bottle called Mystic from French visionary designer Jerome Olivet was designed to express his love for this drink. It was designed to create an intense and fleeting moment. Its racy, supernatural style makes me think of cars. Now, who wouldn't want to have a drink from this totally cool bottle? Not me! Scroll down for more awesome ideas.


Another great idea inspired from the Apple Macintosh products and the way of living of those who use them is the iMove Concept Car from Italy-based auto designer Liviu Tudoran. This car was designed for the future cities of the year 2020. It's of course run by electricity and will feature the general design lines similar to all the latest Macintosh products. There's also various proposals for a three-seated configuration of the interior. This car features a touch screen display for the whole dashboard, the top of the car (inspired from the Macintosh mouse) can open up to give a convertible feeling while driving, and the photochromic material used for the transparent exterior of the car can allow the driver to change its appearance with different available presets (I imagined a car sort of like a mood ring. So cool!) -- and these are just a few of its amazingly futuristic features. If you're interested in cars like these, visit Liviu Tudoran's blog for more.

More concept ideas inspired from Apple's Macintosh products, also by Liviu Tudoran.


Ever get that feeling when you're so pissed because you weren't able to answer a call or text message immediately because you didn't notice your phone light up or you didn't hear it ring? Well I do, and with this new concept from British designer Jeremy Hopkins, you won't have that problem again. Introducing, Nokia Kinetic, the kinetic cellphone for Nokia. Jeremy Hopkins took mobile phones to a new level and created a unique feature for a phone. This phone converts digital information into kinetic energy and makes receiving calls, messages, or e-mails more visual. This phone is designed for business users who need to respond quickly to their calls and messages. This unique phone responds to notifications through movement. If the user has an incoming call, the phone moves upright, and if the user wants to miss a call, s/he gives the phone a tap on the screen and immediately the phone falls back down again. It has an electromagnet at the base which enables the phone to move at an upright position.

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