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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey guys! So this is my first post, among 7, on my DESIGN BLOG SERIES. This post features hotels from around the globe featuring cool interior design. I chose these among the many many hotels I've seen because they portray a different theme, feel, or concept from the usual concept or idea of what hotels usually look like. I hope you'll like it just like I have when I first saw it. Comment or react on what you think of my first post. :) And watch out for the next post on my Design Blog Series. Thanks.

This exciting and creative lifestyle hotel is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each room in this hotel is an individual piece of art, from wacky comical styles to strict graphic design, from fantastic street art to Japanese Manga to simply spaced out fantasies. Here, there is room for everyone! The hotel includes 61 rooms and 21 designers took part in the design and construction.  Check Hotel Fox's website.

This extraordinary hotel is featured in almost all "Strangest Hotels in the World" lists. It is located in Berlin, Germany. You can choose from among the 30 rooms designed by Lars Stroschen. Some say, after staying in this hotel, it's the strangest and creepiest experience they have ever had, while others say it's among the greatest they've had. What do you think you would feel if you came to stay at the infamous Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel? Check it out and see for yourself!

Ok, the two previous hotels have been a little bit mind-boggling. So for the next hotels let's mellow it out a little. The next hotel in my list is the...

Located in Milan, Italy, this hotel has 65 absolutely fantastic and elegant rooms. How would you like to sleep in a dress? Or sleep in a bed of roses? Check this out. Oh, and I'll be putting the names of the rooms too, and this is their website -- COOL.


Life is a bed of roses

Luxurious Attic

Sleeping in a ball gown

Sweet Room


The Seven Hotel is located in Paris, France. The 26 suites are decorated in 7 different ways - James Bond, Marie Antoinette, Alice, etc. Four talented designers namely, Vincent Bastie, Virginie Cauet, Sylvia Corrette, and Paul-Bertrand Mathieu, created these lovely suites. My personal favorites would have to be the Alice or Marie Antoinette. What's yours? :)




Black Diamond

James Bond 007


Marie Antoinette

To all car enthusiasts out there! If you're in Stuttgart, Germany, you definitely would want to stay here. A haven for car enthusiasts, V8 Hotel designed its interior with (duh!) CARS. Beds made out of cars, rooms making you feel like you're on the road, and so much more. This hotel would totally blow your mind.

This hotel was designed by Armin Fisher. Located in Hamburg, Germany, the concept of this hotel is "staying-with-friends-in-a-hotel" (Did you get it? Anyway...). The interior is decorated with materials and objects that are totally made for a different purpose. Look at the pictures closely and see what I'm talking about.

This luxury hotel in Singapore was designed by Colin Seah, Design Director of The Club. The inspiration for the design of this hotel are traditional colonial and modern styles.

The Andels Hotel in Lodz, Poland has one of the best foyer's I've seen. Well actually I think this one tops the list. This hotel boasts of one of the largest ballrooms with a whopping 1,300 square meters! And that's just the ballroom, friends. So if you need a space to impress your guests, this is the place you need. Have a look.

And lastly! Tada-da-duh.. My most favorite hotel of them all. I like this the most because I like cozy spaces and the idea is just so original! I mean, I was really smiling when I found this one. It's cozy, cute, coool, and different. In a world where people appreciate good design anywhere, and people are just everywhere, we need a place to sleep. And mind you, I wouldn't want to stay at some crappy motel in the red district or some "uncool" day room in airports. So here it is, the...

The Capsule Inn in Tokyo is the newest trend to hit the hotel industry. Same concepts are already located in airports, train stations, and downtowns around the globe. These hotel rooms feature bare essentials needed for brief use.

So, so, did you like it? Did you like it? How'd you find my first post on my Design Blog Series? Comment and react. And watch out for more totally awesome and different posts on Go For Different. Hope to hear from you guys. Have a good day!

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