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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amazing Speech By War Veteran

I was doing my post on the Little Girl Can't Let Go as Sergeant Daddy Leaves for Iraq when I remembered watching a video about a war veteran who was talking about the war in Iraq.  My heart was swelling when I was watching the video. It's very touching and at the same time it made me feel really angry at the United States Government.  They think that they need to save the world from anything that they do not believe in where in fact it is them who needs saving.  I'm not ranting about how awful their government is, it's just that there are things that they do that I disagree with.

Here's the video. The soldier talking in the video is Mike Prysner. You can check it yourself on YouTube and read the comments people are posting and maybe get a view of the other side of the fence.

The name of the track used is Boards of Canada by Dayvan Cowboy.

More on Mike Prysner:

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