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Monday, January 3, 2011


First of, I'd like to greet everyone a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :) Had so much fun with parties and reunions left and right this Christmas Season I wasn't able to finish my design blog series before 2010 ended. How was your Christmas and New Year??

So for the next post in my design blog series, I'll show you different houses with different design concepts. I wanted to show you more but decided that I'll be saving some of them for my next posts.

Bridle Road Residence, Cape Town, South Africa

I just love windows like this one- a great place for reading and thinking.

With a view like this, who needs fences

Casa Son Vida, Mallorca, Spain
Check out the staircase and pool.

Paraty House, Brazil

I'm lovin' the carpet, it makes the floor look like sand and blends it with the outdoors.

Private House, Ljubno ob Savinji

Sow House, Lake Geneva
I particularly like this one because of how the outdoor and indoor design blend together.

Willy Wonka House, Tribeca, New York
What a creative way to live!

Yarra House, Melbourne

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