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Sunday, January 9, 2011

DESIGN BLOG SERIES 7/7: Bars and Lounges

Thinking of what to do or where to go this weekend? Well, why don't you try these hot hot hottest places to be seen. Only thing you have to think of now is air fare ;P

T-O 12, Stuttgart
T-O 12 is new night club on the notorious "party mile" Theodore Heuss-Strasse. The club is also named after Theodore Heuss who is a dashing, fun-loving man, and the first president elect of the Federal Republic of Germany. Clubbers call call it Theo (which sounds just like T O in German) or Theo Zwulf (which sounds like twelve), hence the name T-O 12.

The design of the club was made by an architecture and communications firm, Ippolito Fleitz Group, and graphic designers, i-d buero. The dark walls and furnishings and huge black and white murals give a vertigo-inducing and fun aura to the place.

China Doll Club, Beijing
This club not only brings the hottest parties to clubbers, but it also showcases artworks from China's best contemporary artists.

Yucca Lounge, Shanghai
A cozy cocktail house on the third floor of Sinan Mansions in Shanghai, Yucca Lounge is also the headquarters of its creator -- Australian-Greek chef and restaurateur David Laris.

Aesop After Dark, Melbourne
Designer: Aesop in collaboration with March Studio
After designing boutique stores in Adelaide, Melbourne, they constructed this temporary installation doubling as a bar at Melbourne's State Design Festival.

Coquine Bar, London
The lights in this bar is called "Decanterlights" -- designed by Lee Broom, this collection was used in the design concept of Coquine Bar where the collection was also launched.

L'arc Paris
This bar is the place where you go to be seen with the chic, the famous, and the beautiful. You mostly go to this place to be seen.

Paramount Bar, London
Renowned English interior designer, Tm Dixon, is behind Paramount, London's hottest new venue located on top of the city landmark Centre Point Tower. A blend of 60's retro and futurism showed in hard-edged materials like concrete and stone to create a kind of space ship meets super club feel. 

Sound Phuket Night Club, Thailand
Located on the third floor of Jungceylon Shopping and Entertainment Complex in the Patong Resort, Sound can accommodate and impressive 700 clubbers.

This post officially ends my first blog series, hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the photos. My next post will about something you can chew on. :)

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